Our Vision

Strengthen children through quality education.


We are a grassroots organization whose mission is to strengthen children through Montessori education in Richmond's East End.

We are proud to be an example of what can happen when dedicated and committed people rally around a program that is necessary for a community. In late 2017, the Neighborhood Resource Center (NRC) decided to close their Montessori preschool program.  The closing of this program thus created an urgent need for an affordable education option for young kids in Richmond's East End.

Under the leadership of Salome Fernando, Fulton Montessori School was created. Salome directed the NRC's preschool for 10 years and was committed to it’s mission: providing quality education to children living in Richmond's East End. While many areas of the city are thriving, East End schools remain underfunded and overpopulated. Working parents need affordable, full-day care for their children, within walking distance to their homes and bus stops. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality education, so that our children are ready for the future.


Natisha Knight
President, Fulton Montessori Board of Directors

Salome Fernando gets a hug from a student (Photo credit: Daniel Ash)

Salome Fernando gets a hug from a student (Photo credit: Daniel Ash)